Successful products that inspire – this is UX Gruppe´s mission. Our interdisciplinary teams create electronic devices with perfect user experience.

Being a true high tech service provider with in-house technologies and platforms enables us to streamline the development process and to offer our customers all solutions under one roof.

Embedded HMI and Connected Devices

Smart Connected Products


Agile lines of communication: U-Experten are specialists in the realization, industrialization, and production of custom-made embedded HMI-devices. Interdisciplinary teams – consisting of members of UX design, engineering, and production – develop, design, and produce connected devices and product lines with perfect user experience for customers from the consumer goods and capital goods industries.

For further information, please visit the website of U-Experten.

User Centered Design – U-Experten
Embedded Linux Platforms
Embedded Engineering
HMI Glass touch fronts GUI Design
System Engineering and Production
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IoT Services


We achieve successful end-to-end IoT-applications for manufacturers of devices. Paasphere is our full service solution for the fleet management of IoT devices. It offers the latest technologies and services for operating cost efficient, global, and scaleable digital business models.

For further information, please visit the website of Paasphere.

IoT Engineering Services
IoT Connectivity Services
Multi Network Services
Cloud Services and Platforms
IoT Enabling Services – Connect and Scale
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UX Design

Smart Connected Devices

Imago Design GmbH designs and develops electronic devices for the consumer and capital goods industries. The company offers holistic and interdisciplinary user experience design – ranging from research to user interfaces and mobile apps, up to product design.

For further information, please visit the website of Imago Design.

Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering
User Centered Design
Interface Design
UX and Test Labs
Research and UX Design Consulting
[Translate to English:] Electronic Manufacturing Services for Devices and Systems

Electronic Manufacturing Services


Ultratronik GmbH is a solution provider for OEMs offering a range of services from design to engineering and electronic manufacturing. The company supports its customers at the introduction of new products (NPI) – from prototyping to industrialization, from scaling to mass production. Ultratronik GmbH enables its customers to create high quality products with a faster time to market and reduced costs.

For further information, please visit the website of Ultratronik EMS.

Prototyping and EMS Serial Production
EMS for Embedded PCBAs
NPI and Industrialization Services
EMS System Testing
EMS Logistics and Scaling
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Distribution for TFT Displays
Distribution for Touch Sensors and Controllers
Distribution for Touch Standard Solutions
Distribution for Touch Standard Solutions
Logistics and Value Added Services for Display and Touch Screens
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